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Some pictures of the parade and the service at the memorial

The Rev David Hanwell welcomes Lt-Gen Sir Anthony Mullens and Baroness Gillian Shepherd.

Organising the memorial.

The veterans and the most recent recepient of the Military Cross in front of the Memorial.

The veterans form up at the Memorial.

Len Burritt, who is the only surviving receipent of one of the first six Topee Badges issued by Major Gen Michael O'Moore Creagh.

Len Burritt presenting the Topee Badge to Rod Scott.

Presentation of an orginal Divisional Topee Badge from Len Burritt, to Rod Scott.

Rod Scott (Chairman of the Memorial Association) receiving an orginal Divisional Topee Badge from Len Burritt

A longer shot of the presentation

Preparing for the Last Post during the service.

During the service.

The Parade line on the way to the Memorial.

Lakenheath Standards, along with a Royal British Legion Standard.

Chelsea Pensioners, with a helper from the Association

Veteran Desert Rats with the most recent receipent of the Military Cross.

A piper and the Lakenheath Standards.

Some of the displays

US manufactured Greyhound, 6 wheeled Armoured Card

The Silver Bird Band.

A picture of the original Topee Badge given to Len Burritt by Major-General Sir Michael O'Moore Creagh

One of the six original Topee Badges from 1940.

One of the first six badges were issued to the Len Burritt three weeks after Major-General O'Moore Creagh drew a desert rat in sand using small stones, in February 1940. It was not until later that the badge was worn as a shoulder flash.


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