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Artefacts - Sicily and Italy



The purpose of this page is to provide a source of pictures and other information that may be of interest to anyone browsing the website, relating the 4th Armoured Brigades service in Sicily, Italy and Northern Europe. It will change as and when items are available to be added to it.

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Leaflet from Montgomery for the Invasion of Sicily

TAC HQ of 4th Armoured Brigade in Sicily 1943.

4th Armoured Brigade HQ with Brigadier Curry (Binoculars). Note Black Rat TAC sign and 71 which denote the unit is independent armoured brigade HQ. Also note RAC Red, White, Red bars on front of Sherman hull used for recognition purposes.


Group photo of 44th RTR Palestine, from John (Jack) Downing, courtesy of his son, Brian Downing.


Pictures of 44th RTR during the Sicilian Campaign.

Passing British Infantry, waved on by the locals.

Entering Catania through Via Garibaldi

Sherman tanks of 'C' Squadron, 44th RTR, passing through Via Garibaldi, Catania


Men of 'A' Squadron, 3rd County of London Yeomanry (The Sharpshooters) during the Winter of 1942/1943 in North Africa.

Left to Right:- Back Row: ?, Hadley, ?, ?, Trooper Harold Dixon. Middle Row: ?,  Francis, Cpl Doug Endacott, Clarke, Fyles, Front Row:  Boles, Daley, Tpr Ronny Bentham. Courtesy of Richard Ogden & Tpr Harold Dixon. If any knows someone in this picture, please contact me and I will pass the details on .


Pictures of 3rd County of London Yeomanry (The Sharpshooters), during the Sicily Campaign

Tanks of A Squadron onboard an LST on the way to Sicily

Two knocked out Shermans (from A Squadron) and a Bren Gun carrier next to Primosole Bridge

Wreckage around Primosole Bridge, including the gliders from the airborne assault.

More wreckage around Primosole Bridge and the pillbox defenses.

Knocked out Shermans from B Squadron near Priolo July 1943 A Squadron in Pedra, August 1943
Leaguered in an olive grove, near Nicolosi, August 1943 The Officers of 'A' Squadron at the end of the Sicilian Campaign.

3rd County of London Yeomanry (The Sharpshooters), waiting to embark at Catania, September 1943.

Preparing to embark at Catania for Italy - The Jeep carries AoS sign 86 with the new style Tac sign from the one on the Brigade HQ picture above.

Carriers and Shermans waiting Pto embark at Catania for Italy. Note the different types of Shermans in the background.

Shermans preparing to embark at Catania for Italy.


44th RTR moving upto River Sangro, Italy 1943


Pictures of 3rd County of London Yeomanry (The Sharpshooters), during the Italian Campaign

'A' Squadrron leaving the docks at Taranto. Note the recognition roundel painted on the turret roof.

Carrying Infantry while waiting to Cross the River Ofanto

A Squadron, inspecting a German 75mm anti-tank gun between Santa Maria and Fossacesia, in November 1943

Boat drill onboard HMT Tegelberg en route from Naples to Glasgow


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